Surveillance Insurance Fraud


Domestic Infidelity Investigators

When conducting Domestic surveillance, we look for certain things For example, if it's an ADULTERY case we look for TIME, OPPORTUNITY and INCLINATION, this is the criteria set by most courts. We look at these one by one. OPPORTUNITY - This means being alone, say, in a house(preferably with the lights out) or parked car at the end of a parking lot, or even the office after hours. Next TIME - This means having enough time during the opportunity part. Most courts will agree that 15 minutes is enough time. Finally we have INCLINATION - This would be any type of public display, i.e., hugging, kissing, unusual touching or anything a married person should not be doing with someone of the opposite sex. Once we have these three things the evidence is there. All three can be achieved at the same time in some instances. 


Background Investigations, Database Searches

The investigators at Airtight are experts in surveillance, insurance fraud and information gathering.  Call us at 240-671-4342 for a private investigation and we'll talk about it. 


Child Protection Investigations

When conducting surveillance for Child Protection we DISCREETLY follow the child for the purposses of finding out where they are going and what they are doing, where they are going and who they are interacting with. Are they associating with drug dealers or other nefaris characters? Might be time to find out especially if their demeaner has changed recently. If you think there might be a problem then it might be worth looking into.