Maryland Missing Persons Investigators

Maryland Missing Persons

If you are looking for a missing person, then maybe you may need a missing person private investigator to help find them. People go missing for a wide variety of reasons, runaways, or avoiding family or the law. Could be a deadbeat dad avoiding paying child support and may require a skiptrace. What ever the reason the Investigators at Airtight can help locate missing persons. For a free consultation with a private investigator call 240-671-4342 or e-mail

What if the case goes to court?

Each case is different. We take a different approach to locate the missing person depending if they are missing with foul play suspected, or just long gone. Might be a runaway and each would leave a different set of clues. A runaway will usually go somewhere they feel safe or a long desired location. Where as someone who you have just lost touch with could be anywhere and hopefully they are paying bills, running up a credit history and not hiding out from someone else. Of course if our Maryland missing persons investigators decide that foul play is suspected that would bring the case in a whole different direction. 

Skip Tracing

There are a variety of resources that we use to assist in skip tracing. We use utilities, phone records, credit headers and other computer database searches. There might be an element of surveillance involved, know associates and other methods we won't talk about. 

How long does it take?

Of course we can't tell how long it is going to take until we get into it. Runaways for example will most likely not have a computer footprint with enough information to locate them. We would use interviews with friends and teachers and the sort. A missing person may only be missing to you and not everyone else. Our Maryland Missing Persons Investigators will find the best answer for your case. Call us at 240-671-4342 

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 For a free consultation with a private investigator call 240-671-4342