maryland insurance fraud investigators

Insurance Fraud


Maryland insurance fraud investigators will conduct surveillance for Insurance investigations where we will spend time watching the subject going about his/her regular daily routine. If there is fraud involved the subject will eventually do something wrong.  For example if someone is claiming a severe back injury or other debilitating injury then moving heavy objects freely and without distress would invalidate the Disability or Workman's Comp claim and that's when our detectives will make sure the camera is running.

Con Artist


 If you are being sued wouldn't you like to know if the person suing you is a professional con artist? Was that accident an accident or was it planned? There are people out there that who won't think twice about conning you out of an insurance payment. 

Covert Video


 The investigators at Airtight have the ability  to set up a vehicle with a fixed camera inside aiming at the crucial area. We set it up to record using a motion sensor with the onboard DVR, recording  for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for as long as necessary. We can download the video and send it to you via file transfer at preset intervals.  You don't have to worry about missing the important piece of video.  To talk about our reasonable rates, or buy the system outright and do it yourself.  Call us at 240-671-4342