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As a Maryland adultery investigator I hope you will never have to experience  the pain of infidelity, but the odds are stacked against you.  More than  half of all couples, married or not, will experience  a cheating spouse at one time or another.  Maybe something made you  suspicious, like an odd receipt, or a credit card charge you don't  recognize, or maybe you just have your doubts.  Wondering about your  partner's faithfulness can be a depressing place to be and can cause  irreparable damage to a relationship.  Let our Maryland adultery investigators take the guesswork out of the equation.   Don't let suspicion ruin your relationship.  We have Maryland Adultery Investigators standing by. 

What if the case goes to court?

Expert Testimony, Private Detectives

If your adultery case goes to court, we  know what it takes to win. Our Maryland infidelity investigators will testify if needed,  they will provide the proof the court needs.

If this is just for your own information, our Maryland private investigators know how to be discreet.

Airtight Investigations is dedicated to getting the answers you need.   Whether it's a family matter, or a relationship problem, Airtight will  turn over every rock, look around every corner and our Maryland adultery investigators will get the information  you need to make your best choices. 

How is it done?

Expert Domestic Investigators

Based on our initial consultation we will  devise a schedule of when would be the best times, or periods of time,  when we would conduct surveillance  on your adultery investigation.  We may utilize the use of GPS or  other surveillance methods depending on the particulars of each  individual case.  We will endeavor to obtain video and or still  photographs of all pertinent happenings.
            Our goal is to get the information you need to make an  informed decision about your mate.  We also do the same kind of  investigations to find out if your children are safe, or god forbid  doing drugs.  We know you want to keep your family safe and we will do  what is necessary to do just that.   Call now to speak with an infidelity investigator and get the piece of mind you deserve.