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Infidelity Adultery Investigations

Serving Maryland Since 1994

Since 1994 our Maryland private investigators have  worked in the private sector with all types of cases. Our licensed  private detectives are experts in infidelity investigations, computer  searches, background checks, drugs, missing persons, accidental death. The Maryland Private Investigators at Airtight are experts in surveillance.  and more.  

 Our Mission  

Our Maryland private investigators are dedicated to getting the answers you need.  Whether  it's a family or business matter, Our detectives will turn over every rock,  look around every corner and get the information you need to make your  best choices. For a private investigation that will give you the tools to make an informed decision call one of our Maryland private investigators.

Surveillance, Insurance Fraud, Workman's Comp Investigations

Missing Persons Investigations

 Need help finding Maryland missing persons? Our  Maryland Private Investigators can help. Whether it's an old friend, or a lost  biological family member we will help find them.  Having trouble finding  your spouse for child support or been ripped off by a contractor, we  can help. If you're looking for a missing person we will do our very  best to find them. Give us a call and we'll discuss your case. 

Database Searches

Counter Surveillance

The  Private Detectives at Airtight are experts in counter surveillance. We can help  you put an end to unwanted surveillance.  We can "sweep" your home or  office for unwanted listening devices or hidden cameras.  We have  counter surveillance equipment for hotel rooms, changing rooms or  bathrooms.
Airtight Investigations
We  specialize in investigating cases in the private sector in Maryland.  Our licensed private detectives provide you with a variety  of specialized investigative services including infidelity  investigations, computer searches, background checks, drugs,  embezzlement, missing persons, accidental death and more.

Maryland Private Investigators

Our Private Investigators are dedicated to the truth, our private detectives will handle your case confidentially and according to your investigative needs. Our Maryland private investigators are trained in Forensic Analysis and Crime Scene Interpretation. Our Private Detectives are trained Interrogators and Interviewers, with a Maryland private investigation you will receive surveillance experts, experienced in video and still photography. You get private investigators equipped to handle any type of case, from Criminal Defense to Infidelity Surveillance to Missing Persons.